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Welcome to the New 2012 TOPS Program

The TOPS program has been radically revamped for the upcoming summer testing season.  TOPS tests will now include skill tests on bars, beam, and floor along with a shortened version of the physical ability tests.  The focus of the TOPS program is to identify young gymnasts with a broad base of gymnastics skills, excellent fundamentals, and the potential to learn high level skills.  The skill tests will likely represent 60% or more of the athlete's final testing score (this has not been finalized).  The IEC is very excited about the new TOPS testing and see a bright future for the program.  They want our country's most talented athletes to be working on a larger range of basic skills than what the J.O. compulsories and beginner optional program require.

Links to TOPS Information

There is information available on the USAG website describing the skill tests.  Video examples should be posted soon along with any final revisions to the tests:  The physical ability tests are also posted:  Registration for TOPS tests works exactly like the past few years; you view available testing dates and register online:  Keep in mind that you must register no later than a week before the date of the test!

Training Opporunities

TOPS Clinic
Atlantic Gymnastics Training Center, Portsmouth, NH
Saturday, June 9
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Athletes : $10
Coaches : Free

The clinic will cover an overview of the new tests, mock testing, explanation of the scoring system, and details on the specific things that the National staff is looking for on the skill tests. Coaches are welcome to attend without athletes. If you do have athletes who will be testing, the clinic will be a great opportunity for them to find out what they need to work on for the new tests.

Gym Momentum Training Camp
June 22 - 24
Information can be found at:
If you are looking for an inside track to success with the new TOPS program this is an opportunity not to be missed!  The training camp will provide ample opportunity for athletes to work towards developing the skills required in the TOPS tests with National staff and there will be an official TOPS test on Sunday morning (keep in mind that you will need to register for the test separately through the USAG site).


As always, with any questions, please feel free to email Matthew Yellis (NH TOPS Coordinator, Master Skill Evaluator):  Good luck to all those who are gearing up for the TOPS testing season!