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Level 7 and 8 Clinic for Regional Qualifiers
When:    Saturday April 19th
Where:   Off the Wall
Time:      2:30pm  to  6:30pm
Hosted by the NH State Board

In an effort to create some camaraderie between the girls who are representing New Hampshire on the regional teams we wanted to get them together to practice prior to the competition.  We would also like to prepare the coaches and gymnasts to work together at the meet and want to cover the following:

Open Warm-up - Choose a leader/leaders in each group to lead the open stretch so we come in looking like a team (everyone doing the same running type warmup and the same active flex and some across the floor passes)

Vault - different board and table settings (practice moving things around as a team)
Bars - different bar settings and potentially who can warm up together on the same setting

Beam - decide what kind of competition warm up format we would like to use (ex. each one individually, 1 minute per gymnast twice around, 4 30 second turns n the beam, etc.)

Floor - discuss warm up  and work on cheering each other on

I am not bringing in formal clinicians for this clinic - it is going to be directed by the coaches who are going to the regional meets.  There will be a couple of judges at the clinic who will also be judging Level 8 regionals so I will be asking them to watch routines or parts of routines and offer suggestions as to the "quickest fix" as we put the finishing touches on the girls' routines. Coaches feel free to use the judges expertise in a way that suits your gymnasts' needs.

It would also be great for the kids to know each others names prior to the meet so that they can support one another.  We will be asking them to get to know one another throughout the clinic.  There will also be pizza and drinks served at the end of the workout.

If your athletes are UNABLE to come to the clinic please let me know via email.  If you have any questions let me know!

Thanks -
Cori Cunningham

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